We bring you, with one click, to more than 190 countries in the world to buy thousands of exclusive products or quality commercial samples to boost the growth and profitability of your business or venture in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama.

1 . There is no cost to register, nor does it require membership.
2 . You have a physical address in Miami, FL.
3 . Quote the preliminary value of your import.
4 . We handle the customs procedures for you.
5 . Real-time tracking.
6 . You receive your package at the door of your business or wherever you want.

Courier Import Logistics

We transport your products or commercial samples by air from anywhere in the world to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Panama, to the door of your business or wherever you want.

Value proposal

Our import logistics solution is designed for businesses or entrepreneurs like you in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru who are ready to increase their sales with innovative and high-quality products from anywhere in the world, easily, quickly and safely.
98% coverage in our deliveries.
Without intermediaries, we deliver at the door of your business.
We guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the handling of your packages with the support of Servientrega, as an IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) and a CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) logistics center.
Importing with Clubox is easy, fast and secure!

Complementary services


We know that entering the United States market is demanding and requires immediacy with an expert logistics ally. With our Export and Import Solution, hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world have trusted us to export their packages or product samples to the United States and achieve success.

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Specialized solutions for the management and storage of inventories with different levels of rotation, according to your commercial and logistical needs.

If your orders require special storage, handling, scanning or tracking, we are here to help you scale quickly and develop a logistics strategy so you can grow easily, quickly and safely.

Reverse Logistics

We offer reverse logistics and/or returns management solutions. 

Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring your returned products are handled correctly, allowing you to focus on what is most important: managing your business and sales.

We are here to help you!

Contact us and discover the world of solutions we have for you in imports.

No account is required.
There are no fixed monthly charges.
$0 Processing Fee.

The world is Yours

We know that an import process can be complex, requiring specialized knowledge and the necessary experience to facilitate and expedite customs procedures and ensure compliance with all current regulations and standards.
We take care of that for you!
We fly every day to Colombia and Ecuador. Two weekly frequencies to Panama and Peru.
$0 Processing fee, package arriving; package flying to your door.
Now you only need a cell phone or computer to import!
We have the support of Servientrega, for 98% coverage and better delivery times.

World of opportunities

1. Variety of products 

Importing from another country allows you to expand your product purchasing options to offer to your end customers or to finish the production of your own products.

2. Differentiation

Introduce unique or high-demand products that are not easily available in your country. With this advantage, you can make a difference compared to your competitors or improve your production times.

3. Competitive costs

Minimize production costs. This advantage can help improve your profit margins and offer competitive prices in your local market. It is not only about the acquisition of finished products, you can also import parts or resources that have a lower cost than if you were producing them with local raw materials.

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Customer service lines

If you are in the United States

(+1) 786 331 9001
(+1) 305 851 8181

If you are in Peru

(+51) 979 392 177

If you are in Colombia

(+57) 601 580 78 23

If you are in Ecuador

(+593) 96 316 6796
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