Export your dreams,
illusions and hopes
We deliver them for you!

We advise you to achieve success in your courier exports and boost your sales in the American market.

We take care of your sample exports or urgent light parcel shipments for commercial purposes to the USA via airfreight.
Door-to-door deliveries with a 98% coverage network in the USA thanks to our strategic alliances.
Personalized advice throughout the entire process. We can help you every step of the way!
1. Quote your free shipping and start exporting today.
2. Have your export documents ready.
3. Pack your packages properly.
4. Make your shipment with Clubox. Easy, fast and secure.
5. Real-time tracking.
6. We take care of the rest!

Logistics of
Export Courier

We transport by air your product samples or light packages for commercial purposes to the USA under the Courier Export modality.

Value proposition

Exporting has never been so easy and fast. We take care of your exports of small packages or large tonnage from start to finish, from Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and/or Peru to the Miami airport. From there, to any place in the world.
Door-to-door deliveries with 98% coverage in the US.
Distribution and/or returns logistics. Storage.
We guarantee safety and effectiveness in the handling of your packages, as a CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) and IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) logistics center.

Complementary services


Specialised solutions for the management and storage of inventories with different levels of rotation, according to your commercial and logistical needs.

International locker

Physical address in Miami that allows you to send your documents, packages, or goods to any personal or corporate destination in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

Reverse logistics - returns

Return the product from the end customer to the centre of origin.

Contact us and discover the world of export solutions we have for you.

No account required.
No fixed monthly fees.
With free membership in Casillero Internacional.

Supply Chain - Small packages

We know that entering the U.S. market is demanding and requires immediacy, with this tailored solution, hundreds of Latino entrepreneurs like you, have been able to export their dreams, hopes and dreams, improving their chances of closing business, with the shipment of samples or commercial products.
Nationalisation and Injection into our national distribution process on the same day.
CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) and IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) logistics centre, credibility, security and relationship with the control bodies in the USA.
Own last mile operation, with daily frequencies to Colombia and Ecuador. Two weekly frequencies to Panama and Peru.
Access to over 160 million U.S. postal addresses through our strategic alliances, with direct presence in over 110 locations and 23 U.S. states.

World of solutions

1. Integral logistics

Global transport, storage and distribution operations.

2. Security

Daily traceability of goods:
Cargo securing.
CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) and IAC (Indirect Air Carrier).

3. Differentials

Personalised coordination throughout the entire operation:
Competitive prices.
Visibility of your products in multiple marketplaces in the USA.
Support of the Servientrega brand.

Customer service hotlines

If you are in the United States
(+1) 786 331 9001
If you are in Colombia
(+57) 601 580 7823
If you are in Ecuador
(+593) 96 316 6796


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    Customer service lines

    If you are in the United States

    (+1) 786 331 9001
    (+1) 305 851 8181

    If you are in Peru

    (+51) 979 392 177

    If you are in Colombia

    (+57) 601 580 78 23

    If you are in Ecuador

    (+593) 96 316 6796
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