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    You should know that:

    International shipping rates are an approximate value, which may vary depending on the actual shipment data.

    If you are a customer living in the United States:

    If you live in the United States and wish to send a shipment from our virtual mailbox to Colombia you must send the package to the Servientrega International offices in Miami, Florida; address: 3049 NW 107th AVE, Doral, Fl 33172.

    For Servientrega it is very important to offer a complete service, for this reason we provide the UPS service so that you can make your shipment to our offices.
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    New Rates

    A 40-pound package declared at $100 (or less)
    $5 + (40 x $2.50) +$2 = $107
    $10 up to one pound, $2.50 per additional pound
    Miami office retreats:
    There will be a $5 processing fee (may be multi-package consolidations) plus a $5 IN/OUT fee per package received.
    For packages from 1 to 110 lbs.

    Processing fee

    USD $5

    Price per pound

    USD $ 2.5 x # of lbs.
    *Minimum 1 Lb


    2% of declared value
    *Minimum 2 USD

Daily air shipments

Additional charges


Remove labels, consolidate, returns. These will be charged according to order units, weight/volume and packaging material used.


Shipments may remain in our warehouse for 30 days free of charge, after this time and for up to 30 days there will be a storage charge according to the table below, if after 60 days of receipt of the package without payment and without notification of dispatch by the customer the goods will be declared abandoned and will be discarded.
C/day per packet between 1 and 20 lbs.
C/day per package between 20 and 110 lbs.
C/day for heavier weights and pallets


Shipments arriving to the national customs territory through the official mail network and urgent shipments entering the country, whose FOB value is equal to or less than two hundred dollars of the United States of America (US$200) excluding delivery charges, shall not be subject to the payment of the customs duty corresponding to the specific tariff subheading of the merchandise or to the tariff subheadings or of the customs tariff. If the value of the goods exceeds USD $200, you must pay the full VAT and customs duty on the CIF value.


Decree 1090 of 2020 (Effective from 18 August 2020) DECREE 1090 OF 3 AUGUST 2020.

Conditions for shipments to Colombia

Terms and conditions

  • It is important to note that no more than: 6 units of the same item can be mobilised, regardless of brand, reference material, etc.
  • Its declared value does not exceed US$2,000
  • Your actual weight does not exceed 110 US lbs.
  • Dimensions 55″ maximum on any one edge of the case
  • Products must not bear purchase labels
  • Mobile phones may not be accompanied by any other contents (charger and handsfree only), and must travel with the following tariff item: – Mobile Phones – Cellular. Additionally, the IMEI number of the mobile phone must be added to the contents, which can be found on the box of the mobile phone or by dialling *#06# on the mobile phone.
  • Up to $200 of declared value no VAT (19%) and no duty (10%) is payable.
  • After $200 of declared value, VAT (19%) and duty (10%) are payable.

Delivery time

FROM MIAMI – COLOMBIA: 5 to 7 working days (due to adverse pandemic situations)


All Colombia

Restrictions on shipments to Colombia

  • By origin, documentation and physical characteristics.
  • Aerosols or articles containing compressed gas.
  • Shipments without a commercial invoice or declaration of value.
  • Shipments with more than 6 units of the same reference.
  • Shipments of dubious origin
  • Shipments with clearly undervalued value declarations.
  • War toys or sex toys.
  • Military clothing and articles
  • Due to their physico-chemical characteristics
  • Perishable shipments and foodstuffs
  • Liquids, Liquors
  • Dangerous Goods (Dangerous Goods)
  • Pornographic material
  • Alkaloids, narcotics, narcotic drugs, sleeping pills outside national and international laws.
  • Precursors or raw materials for the production of prohibited substances.
  • Fruits, vegetables, fresh vegetables and greens
  • Flora and fauna
  • Seeds or dried grains
  • Roots and tubers
  • Unprocessed condiments and spices
  • Chemical or biological products for agricultural use
  • Non-compliant live animals and insects
  • Animal feedstuffs
  • Medicines or vaccines for veterinary use
Colombian customs may verify shipments and their contents and may reassess the value of the duty paid, this happens very rarely, Servientrega is unaware of this decision, but we will inform you of this situation in a timely manner.

Shipping tracking

Once we dispatch the shipment to the destination country, you can track your parcels with your tracking number at or you can call the customer service line (786)-331-9001.
Customer service lines
If you are in the USA (Miami).
786 331 9001
305 851 8181
If you are in Colombia.
(+57) 601 580 78 23
(+57) 317 6696901
If you are in Peru.
(+51) 979392177
(+51) 986 642905.
If you are in Ecuador.
(593) 96 316 6796
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